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Share designs of 2-storey villa in rural style by Mr.Nam

The design of a 2-storey villa in the countryside is a real beautiful villa design that meets the best best criteria that a beautiful villa needs. Design high-class living space for families of 3 generations.

Advantages of a 2-storey villa model in rural 150m2

It can be said that compared to other beautiful villa designs, the 2-storey villa model in the countryside brings the optimal with an area of ​​150m2 per floor, the usable function is designed with 5 bedrooms, living room. , church room, office, kitchen, drying yard, storage. European-style architecture is extremely luxurious and classy, ​​attracting outstanding attention to the surrounding space. For more: https://thietkenhadepmoi.com/mau-biet-thu-dep

Constructing in rural areas, the advantage of green space, fresh air, loss of construction is not large, the land area of ​​500m2 is built to help architects create a complete villa space in terms of ants. bamboo. Outside the outstanding 2-storey 150m2 villa surrounded by additional fences is also European style with many open-paneled steel frames to ensure safety but not to mystify the living space and fences. Decorative lighting systems on each pillar increase the somewhat romantic beauty of the space. The garden is paved with natural stone, set some small decorative green landscapes, the open yard is both a parking space and the beauty of European villa architecture, helping the room door to have the most optimal light. .

European architecture highlights the beauty of a 2-storey villa model

The characteristics of open land with 2 main facades can help architects bring the most quintessential beauty of European architecture into the design of a 2-storey rural villa. The two foyer are the decorative highlights that make up the most design point. The design of the 150m2 two-storey villa has many decorative motifs, but they are all classified and similar, such as the lobby pillars, and the door frames all share the same pattern of the similarities. Some will differ in size. These are also part of the construction process, which requires a skilled worker with many years of experience to draw parts with only the highest accuracy size. When using white as the main theme, the black roof tile roofs, the lights lit up at night increase the shimmering elegance, the white to the body of the wall and the fence reflects the bright yellow image for great light effect. the best.

Use function suitable for 3 generations of families

The floor area of ​​each floor is 150m2, the model of a 2-storey villa in the countryside is divided with the ground of very good use according to the investor’s requirements, the family of 3 generations of 6 members living together. 5 bedrooms with area from 17m2 to 30m2 including master bedroom, spacious living room with kitchen and combined dining room. Design of a ground floor villa with 1 floor for the church room on the 2nd floor, with additional working rooms, a small storage and laundry area on the 2nd floor. Arranging reasonable use functions, which is convenient and convenient to move each room Members to bedrooms and functional rooms.
Designing a 2-storey villa in a luxurious rural area for a relaxing living space close to nature is the perfect choice for your family. Need more advice about the design of the villa wants to make a plan to create a design document contact the company design and construction of our beautiful new hotline 0975 945 433, wish you a good day.