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12 Experience booking of Hotels on website

Placing hotels online is difficult, easy and easy. However, it won’t matter if you pocket your experiences to make sure your trip is smooth. for more: Hotel Adler Madrid

1. Where to book the hotel?

booking hotel
booking hotel

Using reputable and popular sites and booking apps for our Vietnamese, many people are rated as good and stable as Agoda, Booking.com, Traveloka, Hotels.com, Trivago, HotelQuickly, etc. In addition, some hotel booking pages of Vietnam are quite good as MyTour, iViVu, Chudu24, etc.

The purpose of this is to ensure your safety when paying online by bank card as well as to avoid getting into unnecessary trouble when booking through non-professional or untrustworthy pages, wallet For example, the booking is complete, confirmed but when you arrive, there is no room for you to stay.

In addition, when booking with reputable sites, in case you get into trouble that the error comes from the hotel, you can easily contact and complain about the page you book.

2. Promotions associated with banks.

Find out the promotion information of bank card with booking page. For example, Agoda may have a separate booking page for Techcombank and Citibank cardholders. On these individual pages you will get a 7% discount. What crime does not take advantage. Remember to find out before booking.

3. Actively book early to get good prices.

Actively book early to get good prices
Actively book early to get good prices

When the room at a hotel is near, the room price will increase. Guests who actively book early reservations also help you plan your trip better. In some countries, when entering the country even for tourism purposes, they require you to present proof of accommodation, such as a hotel.

4. Determine the purpose of the trip to find the appropriate hotel location.

-To go to a city you will determine which places to visit, plan ahead and book a hotel near your area to move. For example, once I went to India and only in New Delhi 24 hours. I plan to visit 1, 2 attractions and have booked hotels near these places for easy travel.

-If you want to visit the city in general, I recommend booking a hotel in the central area for easy access. This sounds very natural right? The problem is that the hotel in the center is more expensive than the hotel on the edge of the city. Maybe you will be cheap to book a hotel away from the center, but be sure to consider it carefully because travel money between the hotel and the center is sometimes even better than booking a convenient hotel in the middle of the city.

hotel location
hotel location

-Set hotel near public transport routes. Why not? In cities with trains and metro, booking a hotel near these public transport routes will help you move conveniently and quickly.

– Hotels near the airport? It is worth taking care of. There are trips that you stop at a certain city for a short time and then go to the airport early in the morning. It will save time when you leave the hotel to the airport if the hotel is near the airport. You will have extra bed time in the early morning and not too soon to take the early car to the airport. Once, I went from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur at 23:00 and went to Banda Aceh the next morning at 7:00. Obviously, putting a hotel near the airport like Tune hotel is extremely convenient. When I wake up, I walk through the airport to do the procedure. Depending on the schedule, you should calculate carefully before booking.

-You want a quiet vacation trip? Choose a place far from the city center or near rivers and lakes. Often hotels far from the center or bustling tourist resorts will be cheaper.

Finally, you wonder which hotel is located far or near the center? Use the map tool of the hotel booking pages (most are available) to see where the hotel you want to book is located. Very easy!…